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The Somali Bible Society

Somali Bible Society (SBS) is non-denominational, non-sectarian and not-for-profit Christian organization for all Somali Christians. SBS exists to translate and improve the existing translations of the Holy Bible.

SBS is determined to make the Bible available to every Somali Christian and seeker who needs one at an affordable price and a convenient means and method. SBS helps the Somali Church with relevant Bible study materials, discipleship resources and pastoral training materials.

The Somali Church has a long history, starting in 1881 when Christian missionaries first arrived to make Christ-like disciples in what was then called British Somaliland.

The ministry of SBS is not limited to Somalia proper but also ministers to the Somalis in the Somali peninsula as well as the Somali diaspora. SBS is therefore an umbrella of blessing that any Somali Christian anywhere in the world can shelter under so that his or her spiritual needs can be met. You can reach SBS at info@somalibiblesociety.org.